How Can I Turn Freelance Writing into Career?

Freelance writing is writing based on projects for clients as a self-employed individuals. A person gets to hire you to deliver the work you agreed on doing. You have the freedom and scope to work, and it can get lucrative when you get good at it.

Pros of freelance writing

  • Creativity
  • No supervision
  • Independence from people
  • No reporting to work
  • Freedom of what you love

Cons of freelance writing

  • No benefits of employment
  • Unpredictable nature
  • No hours of working
  • Unsteady cash inflow

Waving goodbye to 9-5 job models is prevalent and on the rise these days. Almost no one can give you the guarantee of having enough money or work to support a freelance writer’s lifestyle. Your determination puts you ahead of the rest, and the more you get willing to up your writing game, the better the pay will get.

Becoming a Freelance writer

If you want to become one, start writing, and do it daily. You know the famous saying goes practice makes perfect. But then let us review the necessary steps to get you on the ladder.

Sharpen your writing

Writing is one skill that can get learned and improved in a period. Get committed to jot a short story or article every day. Begin writing something that you find passionate or something that you love. Afterward, start writing about the things you do not understand. Doing that will widen your scope and guide you where you don’t have strengths, and with dedication, you will mold a versatile professional in you. There are so many writing categories and jobs out there, and the versatility in your writing can help you sort out the field of your interests.

Select your niche

Check on what you love, passionate about, or right at since having them in mind can go a long way into making sure that you get to define your niche. You will get reliable clients if you do so, and remember not to waste your energy and time jotting about things you do not fully understand even if you get paid well. If you fail to deliver the results as per the clients’ expectations, you will put a strain on your name. Do the things you are good at to help you build a better reputation.

Start blogging

It is one of the most basic yet crucial steps for every freelancer. It acts as a living portfolio and will be the best evidence to show your clients what you do. If you are just getting started in the craft, it is better, to begin with, a blog. Blogging will immensely help you polish your skills and help you advertise your work with the samples posted on your page.

Learn the relevant tools and skills

Writing as a freelancer is not all about writing. You have to acquire knowledge in other areas that support you, including marketing, management, and finance. How to edit your work, track the assignments, time, clients, and invoices demands that you know and understand how to make your way around each step. You can use Excel to manage your work, Slack or Trillo to organize everything, communicate with your clients, and utilize text tools to assist you in proofreading your work.

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